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The Learning Resources Center No Longer Offers MCAT/CLIMB Preparation Class Sessions

However, we hope you may find use in the links below.


Other Graduate and Entrance Examination Resources

Jessica DeForest's GRE help page

Learning Resources Center Testing Specialist Jessica DeForest has developed a resource for students seeking assistance in preparing for the verbal section of the GRE.

Other Graduate Entrance Examinations

Assistance is available for other Graduate Entrance Examinations such as the GMAT and LSAT. Call the Center for information on the availability and type of assistance offered.

Also of Interest

Testing Office
207 Student Services
355.8385 (voice)
353.7278 (TTY)

  • National Test Center for graduate/professional school entrance exams
  • CBT (Computer based testing) site for GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, PRAXIS, etc.
  • Registration information for nearly all nationally-administered exams
  • Workshops on general test prep strategies for all entrance exams

Graduate School
118 Linton Hall
355.0301 (voice)
355.0301 (TTY)

  • Graduate program information for Michigan State University: application and assistantships
  • General information about graduate education.

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