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Hey, Don't Take Our Word For It

We're proud of the job we do here at the LRC and the fact that we had over 14,000 visitors last year means you think so too. So let's hear a few of you tell us what you thought of your LRC experience:

Student Comments

"Bright is really good! She helped me understand the problems Very well! This is my first time coming and I want her to tutor me all the time!"

--ACC 230 student

"Finally ... I understand how to do L'Hôpital. He was really helpful."

--MTH 133 student

"Alan was a great tutor and went over everything I needed assistance with. I liked how he encouraged participation during the homework assignment and didn't give me all the answers."

--ACC 201 student

"She was very helpful--made me think things through without giving me the answer."

--CEM 251 student

"Thank you very much! I really felt comfortable during the CSE 101 Workshops! Thank you for the work! You guys are great!"

"There is no way I would be 3.5-ing CSE 101 right now without the assistance of this Workshop."

"Everyone is really nice and helpful.… I wish I had known about the Workshops earlier in the semester."

"Thanks for all the work you put into helping students!"

"The workshop is the main reason I did well in the course."

"Things went well - he was a big help. Once again, thank you so much for your support."

--CSE 101 Workshop students

"I struggle a lot in chemistry and having a place to go to receive help from people who understand it is great."

--CEM 141 student

"I was impressed with her ability to explain things."

--ACC 201 student

"My tutor was amazing. He was extremely nice and helpful. He helped me understand the material very well."

--CEM 141 student

"This is my first session and I found it extremely helpful and will be returning regularly."

--Finance 311 student

"I liked it and I will probably be back."

--Math 132 student

Faculty Comments


"Thanks for making the presentation to my WRA125 class. I now have some students who are exhilarated by the potential to create moving, creative Power Point presentations."

--Dr. Denise Troutman,
Associate Professor, WRAC

"The College of Veterinary Medicine is greatly indebted to the work of the LRC. The Center has been dedicated to helping CVM and Vet Tech students be successful in their programs. In addition to group workshops, the LRC has also provided our students with individualized attention and amazing strategies to study more efficiently and to be 'smarter' about taking tests. Thank You!"

--Dr. Chandra Grabill,
Office of Academic Programs and Student Services
College of Veterinary Medicine

"I can tell you from experience how valuable a resource the LRC is.

"Imagine teaching in a user-friendly, technologically savvy classroom, with all the software and bandwidth you could ask for. It's a great platform for teaching. Not only that, but students love it, too. They feel at home, learn research and writing skills in real time, and generally have a much higher level of satisfaction in terms of their classroom experience.

"I can also tell you that the LRC tutoring program provides some pretty strategic intervention for some students as well. This really happened: One semester, a student really needed some calculus tutoring towards the end of the semester. Two LRC tutoring sessions at Wilson Hall was all he needed!

"Let me tell you: the LRC is the best-kept secret at MSU!"

--Dr. Christopher Buck,
Visiting Assistant Professor, WRAC

"I have worked with staff members in the Learning Resources Center since 1998. I can honestly state that many of our students could not have been successful without the tools provided by the LRC. I have referred approximately 60 or more students to the LRC and 100 percent of these students have been successful. If your advisor or professor refers you to the LRC, take advantage of this opportunity. The LRC makes a difference between success or failure."

--Hilda Mejia Abreu, B.A., M.S.,
Director of Admissions & Student Services Coordinator
College of Veterinary Medicine

"No one at MSU has been more accommodating for my students than the Learning Resources Center."

--Dr. Diana Malouf,
Visiting Assistant Professor, WRAC

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