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Our Staff

The staff of the LRC is charged with assisting MSU students in achieving their academic goals. Whether you're a first-year student or Ph.D. candidate, we're ready to help. After all, "Resources" is our middle name!

Sam Drake, Center Director and Mathematics Specialist

Sam received his B.S. (Mathematics) from Cleveland State University, his M.S. (Applied Mathematics) and Ph.D (Measurement and Quantitative Methods) from MSU. Sam has taught mathematics and statistics for over 20 years in a variety of settings and levels. Sam also served as the Tutoring Program Coordinator of the Learning Resources Center for about 15 years.


Jessica DeForest, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Health Sciences Specialist

Jessica received her B.A. and M.A. from MSU. With undergraduate training in interdisciplinary humanities and graduate work past her M.A. in history, she is uniquely qualified in a wide range of subjects. Jessica has taught for more than 11 years in a variety of settings, including a Service-Learning class in the WRAC Department, and is the LRC liaison to the College of Nursing.


John A Dowell, Technology Literacy Specialist & Lab Aide Coordinator

John received his B.A. (English, psychology, sociology) and M.A.s (sociology and folk studies) from Western Kentucky U, and ABD (American culture studies) from Bowling Green State U. He's taught a wide variety of university-level courses for over three decades, including a WRAC Service-Learning class for 12 years. John also works with TEDxMSU and has been with YouVote since 2002.


San Lamar, Science Specialist

San received his M.A. (Chemistry) from MSU. He was an Organic Chemistry Instructor for the Charles Drew Science Scholars Program, and has worked with Vetward Bound and the College of Veterinary Medicine at MSU. Additionally, San has tutored for a decade in a variety of settings.


Samantha Spitak, Reading Specialist & Tutoring Program Coordinator

Samantha received her B.S. (Biological Sciences) and her M.A. (Student Affairs in Higher Education) from Wright State University. While there, she was both a writing coach and a Graduate Assistant in the Writing Center. Her thesis focused on non-cognitive factors influencing student success.


Tammy Endsley, Office Manager

Tammy has been with the LRC almost five years. Previously she worked at MSU's Clinical Center, Lyman Briggs College, and the English Language Center. Her time with MSU is approaching two decades.


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