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What We Do

We provide:

  • Individualized sessions and consultations
  • Study skills seminars
  • Peer-Assisted Study Sessions
  • Anatomy study groups
  • CSE 101 workshops
  • Math study groups
  • Test taking skills instruction
  • Technology skills instruction
  • Time management advice

And a fully equipped lab that includes:

  • Kiosk-style and interactive software
  • Computers with word-processing, database management, web page authoring, page layout, and presentation software
  • An enthusiastic lab staff to answer your computer-related questions

In the Residence Halls we provide:

  • A study skills based tutoring program
  • A trained staff of academically successful tutors who have expertise in specific courses

Our Mission

The mission of the Michigan State University Learning Resources Center is fourfold. First, the Center provides course specific one-on-one academic support to MSU students. This mission is accomplished through specially trained academic specialists, graduate students, and undergraduate tutors.

The second focus of the LRC mission is to help MSU students become more effective students overall. This is accomplished through seminars and workshops developed and presented by academic specialists and graduate students.

The third focus of the mission is to provide access to educational support and electronic literacy training for MSU students. This is done through programs and offerings in our computer/learning lab overseen by the technology literacy specialist.

The fourth focus of the LRC mission is to provide assistance for faculty in areas related to test writing, learning styles and other pedagogical concerns. This aspect of our mission is accomplished through classroom presentations and workshops, growing out of partnerships between the LRC and various academic units throughout the university.

Learning Resources Center: The Study Smarter People


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