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Technology Resources in the LRC Learning Lab

The LRC Lab in 203 Bessey is unlike any other lab on campus. As we're not part of the regular MSU lab network (which takes almost 4 minutes for logon), you can logon to get work done or merely check e-mail in about 30 seconds, but more importantly, because we have our own mission and budget, we are able to tailor our facilities – PC, Mac, whatever you want – to suit your needs.

Come drop by our Lab anytime ... but be prepared to stay a while once you see all we offer.

Feel Free to Bring In Your Personal Laptop, iPad, or Smartphone!

NEW! USB Chargers built into two wall sockets!

Resources in the Lab

  • 802.11n wireless ethernet, backwards compatible to 802.11b/g
  • MSU terrestrial LAN 10 gigabit ethernet (i.e., smokin' fast!)
  • Pentium® dual-core PC laptop & desktop computers
  • Windows 8 on the desktop (set up like the RCPD's) & 7 on the PC laptops
  • OS X (10.10+) & tons of software on every i7 Mac computer - mostly for multimedia matters
  • Laser printing for 10 cents per page - no hassling with MSU's eTokens
  • Presentation hardware and software available
  • CD/DVD burning
  • Scanning hardware and software available
  • Learning resource media library
  • Keep germs at bay using our Purell® hand sanitizer (yes, all labs should have this available!)
  • Net-savvy assistants who can help you with your many digital lesson / lifestyle projects
  • Jazz and reggae music in the late afternoons & evenings
  • Comfy chairs & sofa!
  • Multimedia equipment:
    • 130W x 4 stereo (best in a Bessey classroom)
    • DVD & VCR playback
    • 8' projection screen
    • NEW! Epson touch-screen projector system!
    Always more to come in the newly renovated lab!

Our lab aides would be happy to show you how to get connected in 203 Bessey with your personal laptop, smartphone, or iPad. Windows friends and Mac addicts are always welcome, and Unix users are invited to take advantage of Terminal Unix interface on the Macs.

Online Study Materials

Certain instructors make study materials and practice tests available at the reserve desk in the LRC Computer / Learning lab. Your professor will announce in class if he or she participates. If you are not sure, call the LRC at 355-2363 for information.

Professor Hixson's SOC316 Materials

 Practice Exam #1 (PDF)
 Practice Exam #2 (PDF)
 Practice Exam #3 (PDF)


  • It is advised you make multiple back-ups for any files you are working on. You may also save your file to your AFS space (P drive) if you like. Ask a lab aide how it's done.
  • We will not be responsible for any losses – of data or anything else – incurred in the Lab. While we keep an informal Lost & Found box in the Lab and do our best to return items to their owners, we are not to be expected to go beyond what simple kindness allows. Again, please consult a lab aide to show you how to save your data to your AFS space and to other media.
  • All laser printing and photocopying done in the lab incurs a 10 cent per page charge.

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