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Free "Home Delivery" From the LRC

Academic Specialists from the Learning Resources Center can come to your class and work with your students in any of the areas listed below. Presentations can last anywhere from a half hour to two hours, and will be tailored to your specifications. Please make your reservation at least two weeks before the presentation is to be given. (Download the PDF.)


This presentation helps students see that all reading, and all texts are not created equally. It will show them how to increase the efficiency of their reading, and draw more meaning from their texts.

Time Management

Students often are able to organize their time to provide hours for reading and study, yet they lack strategies for using that time most effectively. This presentation will help student realize there are two aspects to time management, one quantitative, and one qualitative.

Note Taking

Students know note taking is important, yet they often don’t have organizational strategies for making immediate decisions about what needs to be noted, and what can be passed by. This presentation will help them to think about the skill of note taking and the purpose of lectures.


Students realize that copying another’s work is wrong, yet often lack the skills to avoid or recognize less obvious instances of plagiarism. This presentation will help them think more critically about their own writing and realize that merely citing sources is not enough.

Technology Literacy

Students engage in multiple technology cultures and thus require multiple literacies. Technology literacy reflects the new dimensions in the digital lifestyle of scholarship. While many students consider themselves marginally competent, new skill sets are required with every new technology. This presentation will address the challenges of the evolving digital lifestyle.

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The Learning Resources Center's Academic Specialists can also come to the aid of students you are advising by offering specialized assistance with our Recommendation for Services form. (Download the PDF) Truth is, we're really easy to find!

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