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Improving Your Performance on the Verbal Sections of the GRE, MCAT, GMAT, and LSAT

Studying for Entrance and Admission Tests

Jessica DeForest maintains that highly motivated students can improve their scores significantly—enough to make a difference between getting in and not getting in to a graduate or professional program or school. However, she does not recommend the commercial test preparation centers. She continues,

"MSU students can take advantage of services and materials provided at the Learning Resources Center. Any registered MSU student is eligible for these services.Students at other colleges and universities should find out if similar free or low-cost help is available on their campus.

"You can also prepare on your own. There are many test-preparation books and software packages available. Check the reference book section of your college bookstore. In my experience, the best materials are those supplied (sold) by the organization that makes up the test you're planning to take: ETS for GRE and GMAT; AAMC for the MCAT; and LSAC for the LSAT. Their practice materials seem to be more representative of what you'll actually encounter on the test.

"The commercial test preparation books can be quite helpful, but my impression is that the quality of the strategies they teach and the representativeness of their sample and practice problems are uneven. If you use them, do so early in your preparation. As the exam nears, use only official preparation materials."

Below are links to selected materials with brief explanations as well as links to external web resources.