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Learning RESOURCES Center

We're Here For You!

At the Learning Resources Center, we're not playing around when we say our middle name is "resources." Beyond only providing tutoring for over 70 courses in the daytime and evening, beyond only making customized presentations for faculty across the MSU curriculum, beyond only having a comfortable, state-of-the-art computer lab with trained aides, and beyond only providing seminars and workshops ... yes, beyond those mere things, we offer a great many resources for those in - and working toward - graduate school.

Good gravy, right?

For example, have a look at our Math and Science Resources, just for a start!

That's not to mention our online resources for Time Management, Study Skills, Test Taking Strategies, and Learning Styles!

Additional Academic Support from MSU

MSU has tons of accademic support available to you! Beside what's offered from the LRC for Daytime and Evening Tutoring, check out these links for additional Help Rooms and Tutoring across campus!

Help Rooms


If you know of additional MSU academic support resources not listed above, please send us a message to let us know about it. Let's face it: everyone needs some help now and then, right?

"Resources" ...

... is our middle name!

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