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Seminars & Workshops

The LRC's Spring 2017 CSE 101 Workshops - Look for them HERE!

Taking CSE 101 this semester? Want to keep up with each week's assignment? Of COURSE you do! The Learning Resources Center will have special workshops on Mondays and Tuesdays from October 3 through December 29, 2016. Please note these are NOT "tutoring sessions" or official "CSE Helprooms"; our LRC Facilitators go through examples of the green-background material you will be working on during the current week, so please BRING QUESTIONS! [There will be an image below for a handy flier! PDF]

Enhancing Academic Success and Integrity

  • The good folks of your Associated Students of MSU put together an excellent, informative video on the "Spartan Code of Honor"! [opens a new window]
  • Additionally, here are some really helpful and handy "Tips to Avoid Academic Dishonesty" useful for this class and many others! PDF

But Wait ... There's More!

Have an Apple iOS device (iPad, iPod, iPhone) and not sure what to think about—or how to use—the new "iOS 9 Operating System"? Have an Apple Macintosh device (iMac, MacBook/Pro/Air, or a Mac Pro) running "El Capitan" (OS 10.11), "Yosemite" (OS 10.10), "Mountain Lion" (OS 10.8), or "Mavericks" (OS 10.9) Operating System and wondering what the hubub is about?

Have one or more of those gizmos ... but NO IDEA WHAT ANY OF THAT CRAY-CRAY SOUNDING STUFF MEANS?


We will soon have a seminar so you may learn more about these Apple computery thingies, plus you can make an appointment anytime with the LRC's Technology Literacy Specialist!

Why? Because it all gets so much easier when you know just a little more. You don't have to be an expert to increase your personal productivity. We can show you how to make your OS or iOS devices totally sing and dance! (Figuratively, that is. NOTE: your Apple device is not able to sing and dance. Yet.) Contact the LRC's Technology Literacy Specialist right away! Total n00bs and devoted AppleHeads alike are welcomed ... as are our Unix-using, Linux-loving, and PC-Devoted friends!

Along with our constantly updated CSE 101 Workshops and kNOW MORE Workshop, the LRC offers workshops and seminars in the following areas:

    • Reading
    • Test taking strategies
    • General study skills
    • Time management
    • Understanding science texts
    • Plagiarism
    • Technology literacy
    • Effective slideshow (e.g., PowerPoint) presentations
    • Math study skills
    • GRE test preparation
    • MCAT / CLIMB test preparation

If your group or organization would like to schedule a workshop or seminar, contact Sam Drake at 355-2363. Meantime, MSU instructors, feel free to download this handy flier!PDF

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Who Will Connect?

Accolades for our CSE 101 Workshops!

  • "Thank you very much! I really felt comfortable during the CSE 101 Workshops! Thank you for the work! You guys are great!"
  • "There is no way I would be 3.5-ing CSE 101 right now without the assistance of this Workshop."
  • "Everyone is really nice and helpful.… I wish I had known about the Workshops earlier in the semester."
  • "Thanks for all the work you put into helping students!"
  • "The Workshop is the main reason I did well in the course."
  • "Things went well - he was a big help. Once again, thank you so much for your support."
Know More on Mac/iOS